Urban Team Tips
This month we’re all about enjoying FALL and especially fall events! Here are our Top 5 Tips for keeping your fall fêtes fresh—no pumpkin spice required! Not sure if you’re ready to tackle all of it on your own? Reach out to our team and we can help!

* Start with a theme: There are many options that say fall — spooky, wine harvest, football, Oktoberfest, country fair and bonfire, to name just a few. Consider your audience, your goals and your space to determine what type of motif will be the best fit and engage the attendees you want to reach.

* Decorate: Once you have an overarching theme, play it up with the décor. Take in your whole space and look for floor to ceiling ways to enhance it. Having a wine fest? String market lights overhead and suspend grapevine globes. If you are hosting a tailgate, use the team’s colors for linens, napkins and centerpieces, or ask your attendees to participate in the event’s style by wearing their favorite football jersey.

* Choose entertainment: With the setting set, it’s time to bring in the fun. Entertainment could mean performances like live music, roaming scarecrows at a fall harvest or lederhosen-clad singers at an Oktoberfest event. But entertainment could also be interactive and allow attendees to be part of the festivities. Decisions in this category will depend on your budget. You can spend less and offer pumpkin painting or old-fashioned carnival games. With a bigger budget, you might bring in a petting zoo, add rides to the carnival games or offer a 360-degree photo booth.

* Order food & beverages: People love to eat, and in many cases, the food and drinks are the biggest draw of an event. At this stage, you’ll want to decide whether the fare will complement your theme or be unrelated. Don’t feel limited to traditional fall foods and beverages if that does not align with what you are trying to accomplish or the audience you seek. On the other hand, if you are hosting a wine or beer event, some of the decision has been made for you. Be sure to consider all ages and multiple dietary restrictions if food is a big aspect of your event.

* Make Plan B: The only thing we can be sure of when it comes to Atlanta fall weather is that it could be anything from sunny and hot to cold and sleeting. Prepare for the best and the worst. For an outdoor event, you might want to have both sun umbrellas and portable heaters on reserve. An indoor event may or may not benefit from a valet depending on location and precipitation. Thinking through as many contingencies as possible will help you relax and focus on your purpose on event day!

We wish you a highly successful seasonal event or series, and as we love to say in the South, happy fall y’all!