For many companies, the holiday season brings a significantly increased amount of business – an excellent position to be in! But that boost in sales, clients or customers also means having the staff to successfully accommodate them.

While you can find plenty of advice for how to best hire and train temporary or seasonal staff, the real question is whether you have time to dedicate to it. When you are already stretched thin, it can be a challenge to vet and onboard the people you need.

Now the good news – there is a simple way to find the right temporary team and quickly get them up to speed without having it take you away from the work you really need to be doing during this busy time. Urban Enterprises has worked with dozens of holiday season clients to provide professional, cheerful and helpful Brand Ambassadors and Project Managers, filling staffing needs from one to 100.

We take all the guesswork (aka — worry, stress, confusion) out of the staffing process because we hire all our representatives through referrals and interview each person individually. From our broad database of “talent,” we personally select staff members to suit the needs of each project. For holiday staff, that often means individuals with cheerful, animated personalities and maybe even performance ability.

Next, we get the schedule organized and create a list of Brand Ambassadors, providing them with all necessary details – directions, run of show, attire, talking points and expectations. A Project Manager may also be selected to oversee the team on- and off-site.

For our clients, it means having just one point of contact – the Operations team member who strategizes the staffing support needed – and not having to look at any resumes, conduct a single interview or spend hours training inexperienced staff.

We love it when our clients give us at least two weeks to pull one of these perfectly suited teams together, which means this the ideal time to get us started on your seasonal staffing needs.

Are you wondering what types of events we staff or which companies we work with? We have staffed registration desks, greeters, hype squads, information booths, farmers markets and much more, including many holiday mall and retail events, such as the Santa Photo Experience at Lenox Mall. We managed program coordination and event staffing of Atlanta Fall Festival at The Avenues and worked with the Atlanta Braves to create a post-season chalk art event. These are just a few examples – in the 45 years since Urban Enterprises was founded, we have handled hundreds of events and projects.

Contact us today to give yourself the gift of simplifying your holiday staffing needs!