Case Study: Lyft at the Airport Super Bowl Assistance

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Case Study: Lyft at the Airport Super Bowl Assistance

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Atlanta Event Staffing: Lyft at the Airport Super Bowl Assistance

Event Staffing and Appbassadors


  1. Make navigating the airport more pleasant by assisting with the experience from baggage claim to pick-up zones.
  2. Maximize engagement with existing Lyft users.
  3. Provide positive brand impression for first time rideshare passengers & first time Lyft-users.


The influx of travelers for Super Bowl 53 presented new security measures that, coupled with ongoing airport construction, presented a high-volume way-finding challenge for rideshare passengers.


Over the course of 6-days, Urban activated a team of Brand Ambassadors in each airport terminal to offer general support to airport passengers. BAs, wearing branded attire, helped airport travelers navigate baggage claim to the pick-up/drop- off (PUDO) zones. They carried and rolled bags to the PUDO zones, helped troubleshoot app issues, and aided non-native passengers in helping their drivers locate them.

I alone assisted over 800 people. The most notable interaction was a lady who had been arguing with her Lyft driver for over 30 minutes about where to be picked up. She handed me the phone and was humbly grateful when I realized she was directing the driver to the wrong terminal. The interaction ended with smiles from both her and the driver.

Urban Enterprises Brand Ambassador

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