Client Policies

Client Policies

2020 Client Policies

Urban Enterprises

Service Policies: These policies serve as an agreement between the parties and applies to all services conducted by Urban Enterprises for the Client.  Each project will be defined in Estimates that set forth the specific terms of each individual project. Both parties agree that all of the project-specific information will be included in each Estimate, including but not limited to: pricing, timing, quantities, description of the project, and execution details.  Both parties agree that email communication can be used for Estimate. Client understands that the policies outlined below are to ensure that Urban Enterprises provides the best possible service. 

Scheduling: Urban Enterprises is a high-end event and promotional staffing agency with highly skilled and qualified Brand Ambassadors. To provide the highest quality service, we request that projects be presented in a timely fashion.  The following policies represent Urban’s scheduling requirements:

  • Time:
    • Normal– All requested projects will be filled if 2 weeks notice is provided.  
    • Rush– Projects presented with less than 5 business days notice will be filled to the best of our ability and will be charged a 25% premium.
    • Ultra Rush– Projects presented with less than 2 business days but more than 12 hours notice will be filled to the best of our ability and will be charged a 50% premium.
    • Same Day– Projects presented with 12 hours or less notice will be filled to the best of our ability and will be charged a 100% premium.
  • Promotion Materials: All materials must be delivered to the Urban Enterprises office at least 3 business days before the project begins.  
    • Distributions– materials are due by 5:00 pm on the Wednesday prior to the distribution week.
    • Urban charges a $60 courier fee for all materials that require pick-up.
  • Confirmation:  
    • Urban Enterprises sends an Event Staffing Information Email to serve as a confirmation to Brand Ambassadors and Clients at least 48 hours prior to each project. 
    • If you have not received this confirmation 48 hours before your scheduled event, please reach out to Urban to ensure the details have been correctly entered into our database. 

Premium Rates: Hours of shifts occurring between midnight and 7:00 am are charged time and a half. 

Holiday Rates: For observed holidays, Urban Enterprises charges the client time and a half for all requested shifts.  

Applicable Holidays:

  •       New Year’s Day
  •       Easter Sunday
  •       Memorial Day
  •       July 4th
  •       Labor Day
  •       Thanksgiving Day
  •       Black Friday
  •       Christmas Eve
  •       Christmas Day
  •       New Years Eve Shifts (after 5:00 pm)

Minimums & Breaks: To provide opportunities that attract the best candidate for each job, Urban Enterprises commits to the Brand Ambassadors that each shift will be no less than 4 hours. For shifts less than 4 hours, the client will be billed for 4 hours and the Brand Ambassador will be paid for 4 hours.  To maintain the energy and professionalism your projects require, Brand Ambassadors follow the following break protocol:

  • Brand Ambassadors must take their breaks with the understanding that breaks should not be taken during peak times.   
  • Brand Ambassadors will coordinate with on-site contacts at the beginning of their shift to schedule their breaks. 
  • It is on breaks when personal business is taken care of. This includes visiting the bathroom, getting water, eating, and making personal calls.   
  • It is forbidden for Brand Ambassadors to leave the event site during break times. 
  • The following paid breaks are provided:  
Shift Length Break Length
4 hours Bathroom breaks as needed
4.5 – 5.75 hours 15 minutes
6 – 7 hours 30 minutes
7 – 9 hours 30 minutes + 15 minutes

Cancellations, Changes & Rescheduling: 
Project needs can change.  We are happy to work with the client to facilitate any changes. In order to provide the same quality of service, the following premiums apply for any cancellations- this includes weather.   

  • Event Staffing: Any change of date, reduction of brand ambassadors requested, or complete cancellation of a project is considered a change.  Any change of projects with:
    • At least 48 hours notice will not incur any premium.  
    • Less than 48 hours notice, but more than 24 hours notice, the client will pay 25% of the total staffing expense or a 25% premium on adjusted hours.
    • Less than 24 hours notice, but more than 12 hours notice, the client will pay 50% of the total staffing expense or a 50% premium on adjusted hours.  
    • Less than 12 hours notice, the client will pay the full amount of the staffing expense or a 100% premium on adjusted hours.  
  • Distributions: After the schedule has been published on the Thursday prior to distribution week, the following premiums will be incurred:
    • Rescheduling of distribution projects will incur a 5% premium. 
    • Cancellations of distribution projects will incur a premium equal to 10% of the project price.
  • Time Changes During an Event:
    • If the Brand Ambassadors are required to stay later than the originally scheduled end time, the client must text or call the Urban Manager on Duty (404-883-5595) to confirm the time change. The client will be billed for the actual time worked rounded to the closest quarter-hour. 
    • If Brand Ambassadors are cut from their shifts early:
      • For shifts less than 4 hours, the client will pay the 4-hour minimum.    
      • For shifts that are 4.5 hours or greater, and the Brand Ambassadors are cut less than one hour early, the client will be billed for the actual time worked rounded to the closest quarter-hour.
      • For shifts that are 5 hours or greater, and the Brand Ambassadors are cut from their shift more than 1 hour early, the client will be billed the originally scheduled end time minus one hour.
  • Event/Activations:
    • A 50% deposit is required upon signature of the Statement of Work. The deposit must be paid before work begins.
    • If your event is canceled or postponed, you will be billed for actual time spent at $100/hour plus any non-refundable expenses.

Dangerous or Hazardous Conditions Policy: Urban Enterprises commits to the safety of our Brand Ambassadors. We reserve the right to cancel projects in instances of severely inclement weather, unsafe conditions, hazardous events, or extreme danger. The client will be notified as soon as their scheduled projects are affected. The client will not be charged any premium.  

Payment & Expenses:

  • Credit Card payments will incur a 4% processing fee. 
  • All expenses incurred will include a 20% Service Fee. 
  • Labor will be billed as described in each Estimate.  
    • For new clients, all invoices must be paid upfront.  
    • For clients on an annual contract, on the fifth day of each month during the term of this Agreement, Urban shall deliver to Client an invoice for the previous month’s services. The invoice shall itemize:
      • Hours worked by Urban Brand Ambassadors during the previous month.
      • Expenses incurred by Urban during the previous month.
    • Any payment not received by Urban within 30 days of receipt of the invoice by Client shall be considered overdue.
    • Overdue payments shall be assessed a late charge of 1.5% per month.

Equipment: Urban Enterprises requires that the best care is given when entrusted with equipment during all projects. The client agrees to release from liability and will hold harmless Urban, including its employees, agents, or any of its independent contractors, for any costs or expenses incurred from loss of or damage to any equipment, which may occur during the normal course of business. This includes, but is not limited to: props, production and set-up equipment, cameras, iPads, customer cell phones, and provided uniforms.

Standards: Urban Enterprises holds each Brand Ambassador to a set of standards to ensure the highest quality performance. 

  • Projects require STANDING. Brand Ambassadors are more approachable and professional when standing.  
  • Brand Ambassadors are expected, at all times, to present a professional, business-like image including the following:
    • Never to have food or gum during a project. 
    • Keep drinks hidden. 
    • Never to smoke at the job-site or smell of smoke.  
    • Not to use their cell phone for personal matters unless it is an emergency. 
    • Have hair clean, neat, and styled in a professional manner.
    • Wear appropriate daytime makeup 
    • Wear only simple jewelry. Tongue rings and eyebrow rings are prohibited.  
    • Cover any visible tattoos either with clothing or makeup.
    • Beards and mustaches are acceptable but must be trimmed and neat.
  • Uniforms: Unless otherwise designated, Brand Ambassadors will wear black bottoms and a white shirt. The following rules apply to standard uniforms and can be altered based on the client’s specifications and project needs:
    • Clothes must be neat, clean, unwrinkled, and free of holes.  
    • Shorts must be at least fingertip length and may only be worn during summer months and/or outdoor projects as specified by the client.
    • No t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops or similar type attire are permitted while working.
    • Closed-toe shoes must be worn. No athletic shoes or sandals are permitted while working.

Non-Interference & Placement Fee: The client agrees that, during the Term of this Agreement and for a period of twelve (12) months thereafter, the client shall not contract with or otherwise contact for the purpose of hiring any employee or independent contractor of Urban’s, either directly or indirectly, as its own employee or independent contractor. In the event that the client hires an Urban Enterprises employee and/or independent contractors during such period, Urban shall be entitled to a Placement Fee equal to $1000.

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