Donut Walls

Our custom-made donut walls are perfect for your corporate event, holiday party, wedding, and more.


Donut walls are available to purchase on a first-come, first-serve basis. We currently have several donut walls at our Atlanta office.

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Donut Wall Inventory

Available Donut Walls

LARGE Donut Walls, $300

  • 34″ Wide x  72″ Tall
  • Holds 77 donuts
  • Option for custom vinyl design for the top

MEDIUM Donut Walls, $150

  • 32″ Wide x  34″‘ Tall
  • Holds 42 donuts
  • Option for custom vinyl design for the top


More Details:

All donut walls are made with beautiful walnut boards. Boards are supported by a built-in stand at the back. Medium boards can fit on a tabletop, while the Large board is best to stand alone on the floor.

All of our donut walls were made locally and crafted with care.

Specific care instructions will be included with your purchase, including packaging and cleaning.

Donut Wall Examples & Photos