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  • Discover best restaurant marketing ideas and trends

  • Learn how to increase lunch traffic to your restaurant

  • Advertise your restaurant locally to office workers nearby

  • Make a Marketing Plan

  • Identify areas of growth

  • Set marketing objectives

  • Increase lunch sales

  • Increase business catering

  • Increase special event catering

  • and more!

How Urban Enterprises Helps Restaurants Advertise Locally

Identify Your Target Audience

Our Account Leads work with you to narrow down your ideal audience demographic and areas of Atlanta that are best for promoting your restaurant.

Reach the Office Worker

Our team strategically distributes your coupons and menus to office complexes and businesses using our in-depth data via our proprietary app.

Follow Up With Data

You’ll see exactly where your materials were distributed along with valuable information about each office complex such as number of employees, main point of contact, and more.


Your restaurant is surrounded by hundreds of offices, apartments, and hotels. Not sure how to get the word out to all of those hungry people? Or how to find the time to reach out to potential customers while dealing with your existing ones?

Our Office Building Distribution Program is your solution.

Our team delivers coupons, gift cards, and catering materials to your local office community. This grassroots approach is a cost effective and high yield method to promote your restaurant directly to your lunch target – the office worker!


  • We’ve gathered data and developed relationships with local businesses for over 40 years
  • Using our data, you choose your ideal target audience and location of distribution
  • We send our highly specialized Brand Ambassadors to distribute your materials over a one-week period
  • Our relationships with local offices get us through a lot of closed doors and puts your brand directly into the hands of new customers
  • We update our database weekly to make sure we are hitting the right places at the right time
  • You will receive a detailed report of exactly where our Brand Ambassadors went, what they delivered, and any important notes