Event Staffing in Atlanta

Professional staffing for your next event

Event Staffing in Atlanta

Professional staff for your next event

Event Staffing in Atlanta

Professional staff for your next event


Professional, Cheerful, and Helpful Brand Ambassadors for Your Next Event


We provide the best Brand Ambassadors in Atlanta for your projects. They are hired on a referral basis, through one-on-one interviews so that we know them each by face and name. Next, we conduct group orientations and match the right people to the right project!

With our database of nearly 200 diverse and talented Brand Ambassadors, we personally select staff who fit the needs of each client project.


Our Project Managers guarantee quality-control and problem-solving capabilities to manage our staff on-site and ensure your event runs smoothly

Project Managers are selected by our Staffing Manager because they have demonstrated strong leadership skills, responsibility, and initiative during shifts.


Once we know the details of your event, our Operations team fills the available shifts with the appropriate Brand Ambassadors.

Our Brand Ambassadors are selected for your event based on their talents!

For example, if your event involves app training or registration, we will pick our Brand Ambassadors who are tech-savvy.

If your event involves a high-energy hype squad, we will pick our Brand Ambassadors who have professional performance experience.

If your event involves working with children at a festival, we will staff it with cheerful and animated Brand Ambassadors.

If your event is at a corporate setting working a registration event, we will provide Brand Ambassadors with office experience.


Once the event is fully staffed, we will send the Brand Ambassadors an email 48 hours prior to your event. This includes all of the vital information about your event:

  • Time, date, and location of the event
  • Meeting location
  • On-site contact and phone number
  • Brand Ambassador names and phone numbers
  • Detailed schedule of shift
  • Where to park and directions
  • What the Brand Ambassadors should wear
  • Talking points for the Brand Ambassadors
  • Any other important event details
Urban Enterprises Event Staffing in Atlanta
Urban Enterprises Event Staffing
Urban Enterprises - Event Staffing
Urban Enterprises - Event Staffing
Urban Enterprises Event Staffing


Our Brand Ambassadors Work Your Events:

Street Teams
Targeted Deliveries
Product Specialists

Event Managers
Hype Squads
Mall Events
Event Tables
Program Sign-ups

Event Administration
Technology Ambassadors
Guest Services
Secret Shopping
Survey Collectors

Discover examples of our Event Staffing projects:

Case Study:

Lyft at the Airport Super Bowl Assistance

Case Study:

Yayoi Kusama Street Team

Case Study:

Atlanta Braves Postseason Promotion

“Working with Shayne and her team has been an absolute game-changer for our non-profit fundraising events. Their seamless assistance with Event Registration, Live Auctions, Fund The Mission and our Check-Out Processes has elevated our events to new heights. Her team is friendly and willing to jump in when needed with little oversight. Thanks to Urban, we’ve been able to focus on our clients.”

Shoshana Ben-Yoar

Vice President, Candy Berman & Associates


How many Brand Ambassadors will I need?

Depending on the length of your shift and volume of patrons at your event, your Account Lead will provide you a range of staff needed.

How far in advance should I request Brand Ambassadors?

We ask that you submit your staffing request at a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your event. This ensures our Staffing Team will have plenty of time to assign the best Brand Ambassador to your project.

How much do you charge for Brand Ambassadors?

While prices vary per project, we usually run on an hourly basis. Your Account Lead will provide a detailed Project Estimate after an introductory conversation.

Do I need a Project Manager?

Yes! We highly recommend booking a Project Manager at your event. Our Project Managers are hand-selected by our Staffing Manager and will make sure everything runs smoothly.

If you personally are not going to be at the event, we require a Project Manager.

What types of projects do you staff?

Our work ranges widely and continues to grow. In the past, we’ve provided staffing for registration desks, greeters, Appbassadors, hype squads, street teams, information desks, and so much more. 

Can I request specific Brand Ambassadors?

Absolutely. If you have worked with our Brand Ambassadors in the past and found a personality that works with your brand, feel free to request that individual.