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Office Building Distribution


Get your coupons, flyers, and materials in the hands of your local targeted audience.


Your restaurant is surrounded by hundreds of offices, apartments, and hotels. Not sure how to get the word out to all of those hungry people? Or how to find the time to reach out to potential customers while dealing with your existing ones?

Our Office Building Distribution Program is your solution.

Our team delivers coupons, gift cards, and catering materials to your local office community. This grassroots approach is a cost effective and high yield method to promote your restaurant directly to your lunch target – the office worker!


  • We’ve gathered data and developed relationships with local businesses for over 40 years
  • Using our data, you choose your ideal target audience and location of distribution
  • We send our highly specialized Brand Ambassadors to distribute your materials over a one-week period
  • Our relationships with local offices gets us through a lot of closed doors and puts your brand directly into the hands of new customers
  • We update our database weekly to make sure we are hitting the right places at the right time
  • You will receive a detailed report of exactly where our Brand Ambassadors went, what they delivered, and any important notes


Request Information about Office Building Distribution

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How our Office Building Distribution services work:


How far in advance should I schedule my restaurant distribution?

We ask you submit your request to our team at least 3 weeks prior to when you want your materials into the hands of your target audience.

When do you need my printed materials?

We need your printed materials (coupons, flyers, menus, etc) the Wednesday before your scheduled distribution.

For example, if your distribution is scheduled to start on Monday, November 11, we will need your materials in our office by Wednesday, November 6. 

Delay in your materials will ultimately result in a delay of your distribution.

Do you offer design and printing services?

Absolutely. Please reach out to inquire about design and printing services.

How will I know if the distribution actually works?

We’ve found that 63% of employees said they have visited new restaurants they discovered through catered meals at their office.

What types of projects do you staff?

Our work ranges widely and continues to grow. In the past, we’ve provided staffing for registration desks, greeters, Appbassadors, hype squads, street teams, information desks, and so much more. 

Can I request specific Brand Ambassadors?

Absolutely. If you have worked with our Brand Ambassadors in the past and found a personality that works with your brand, feel free to request that individual. 

What Our Clients Say

On the occasions that we have used Urban Enterprises for office distributions, our business saw a 15%-20% jump, especially at lunch time. I would definitely recommend their services, especially for start-ups wanting to get their names out on the street.

Steve Sharples

General Manager, Taki Sushi & Hibachi

Increase Catering Sales

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