Case Study: Andmore App Launch @ Americasmart

Andmore App Launch @ Americasmart

Client: AmericasMart Real Estate, LLC

Objective & Goals:

Create visibility and awareness around the newly launched @Market app and the rebrand from “Juniper” to “Andmore”

Complete the marketing pipeline by carefully guiding attendees individually through the app sign up process


An issue that presents itself in a tech launch of this nature is the learning curve that exists when past systems and processes are being replaced with more modern, streamlined methods. The other challenge is that attendees have a limited time to be at market and have their plans of attack in place, so we have to find a way to interest them in the product and establish a positive rapport without taking too much of their time.


Our solution was to train a dedicated group of brand ambassadors who excel in relationship building, communication, and lead generation. Thanks to detailed training, a strong support system of managers, and plenty of on the ground experience, our team was extremely effective in achieving the client’s goals. Throughout our several years working with Americasmart, they’ve called on our team to step into a multitude of roles. We aim to meet each request with curiosity and efficiency, which has resulted in over 10 years of continued successful partnership.


We achieved 1250 sign-ups over the course of 5 days during the January market.

Sign-ups Over the Course of 5 Days

Event Staffing: AmericasMart Real Estate, LLC
Event Staffing: AmericasMart Real Estate, LLC

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