Promotional Materials Distribution

Your materials delivered to specific locations throughout Atlanta

Promotional Materials Distribution

Specialty service to target your exact audience and location.

Promotional Materials Distribution

Make sure the right people see your marketing materials.

Promotional Materials Distribution

Urban Enterprises provides a hand delivery distribution service that has been serving Metro Atlanta for 30+ years. Our teams of specialized Brand Ambassadors use our customized mobile website and database of more than 15,000 contacts to go door-to-door within office buildings. We offer Community Poster and Flyer Distribution as well as Custom Distribution services.


Grassroots marketing tactics to grow awareness around your event or business.


Our Brand Ambassadors promote your upcoming events and promotions by delivering and displaying posters, flyers and/or coupons to retail businesses.


  • Targeted Areas of Atlanta – Our team works with you to determine the best areas of metro Atlanta to deliver your materials based on your target demographic.
  • Specific Audience Demographic – Using our extensive database, we can target your distribution to categories such as Women, Men, Artistic Community, Athletic Community, Parents & Kids, Young Adults, Alternative, and more.
  • Scheduled Delivery – Our Brand Ambassadors go to 40-50 businesses per area within your specific distribution week.
  • Detailed Reporting – Following your distribution, we send a report link with a sampling of photos of your pieces out in the market.


Looking to target a niche audience with your marketing materials?

Our Custom Distribution service allows clients to hand-pick locations to receive their flyers, posters, and customized marketing materials. These locations can exist in office buildings, community shopping centers, neither, or both. We require a minimum of 10 locations, and they can exist anywhere in metro Atlanta!


  • Decide where you’d like to go through a discussion with your account lead, both geographically and types of locations. Do you have a list you’d like us to use? Would you like us to create a list for you to approve first? We can do both.
  • Provide us with your materials, and we’ll send our distributor to those locations.
  • The distributor will take note of each drop and take photos as well.
  • Your report will include a spreadsheet of locations and a photo album with a selection of photos of your materials in the market.

Benefit of Custom Distributions: 

  • Targeted and specific material placement ensures maximum exposure to your desired audience. Do you only want to hit coffee shops in East Atlanta? We can do that. Are you looking to hit boutique fitness studios and clothing stores in Buckhead? Done!
  • Professional and diligent distributors will handle your materials with care and expertly represent your brand. 
  • You won’t have to lift a finger. Our team will handle your distribution from start to finish to give you peace of mind. 

Custom Distribution Client Examples:

  • Many of our sports team clients like the Atlanta Braves and Atlanta United use this service for their Hispanic-focused distributions where we go to hand-picked Spanish-speaking locations and deliver Spanish-language posters and flyers.
  • The ACVB has an exact route of 50 locations in downtown Atlanta that accept posters for upcoming conventions, and we visit them weekly with new posters.
  • FEE Atlanta asked us to visit 50 high schools across metro Atlanta to deliver gift baskets to each principal.
  • Restaurants looking to build their catering business ask us to visit high density law offices in Buckhead.
  • Atlanta events and new restaurants ask us to go to neighboring apartments and hotel concierge desks to distribute promotional materials for their upcoming event/grand opening.


Discover examples of our Promotional Distribution projects:

Case Study:

Lyft at the Airport Super Bowl Assistance

Case Study:

Yayoi Kusama Street Team

Case Study:

Atlanta Braves Postseason Promotion

“Urban Enterprises to the rescue! We are so grateful to the Urban team for jumping in to relieve our staff with an overwhelming job this spring. The whole team nailed it – responsive, flexible, and so kind throughout the super high pressure deadline situation.”

Elizabeth Hollister

Executive Director , Upper Westside CID


How many Areas of Atlanta should I hit with my materials?

We divided Atlanta into specific “areas” to better hit your target demographic. Think: “Little Five Points,” “West Midtown,” “Buckhead A,” “Buckhead B,” and “Brookhaven,” for example. We can hit 40-50 businesses in each designated area.

Therefore, if you would like to distribute flyers and posters to 200 locations, we recommend 4 Areas.

How far in advance should I request my distribution?

Ideally, all of your materials are distributed 2-4 weeks prior to your event. It takes our team a minimum of 2 weeks to process your request, so we ask you submit your distribution request to your Account Manager at a minimum of 6 weeks prior to your event. This ensures our Distributions team will have adequate time to get your materials throughout town and it will get the desired exposure.

How much do you charge for Community Distributions?

While prices vary per project, we usually charge per area of town. Your Account Lead will provide a detailed Project Estimate after an introductory conversation.

How much do you charge for Custom Distributions?

While prices vary per project, we usually charge per area of town. Your Account Lead will provide a detailed Project Estimate after an introductory conversation.

Do I need both flyers and posters?

Most of our Community Distributions utilize both flyers (4″x6″ or 5″x7″) and posters. This is becuase some businesses only accept posters; others will only take flyers. By having both, you’re guaranteed more businesses will accept your materials.

How far in advance do you need my materials in hand?

We request your materials are in our office by the Wednesday before your scheduled distribution. For example, if your distribution is scheduled for Monday, November 25, we will need your materials in hand at our office by Wednesday, November 20.

Your Account Manager will guide you through this process to ensure this deadline is met. If your materials do not arrive in time, we reserve the right to push your distribution back to make time for other requests.

How many flyers/posters do I need per Area?

Per Area, we request:

  • 1250 flyers
  • 50 posters
Do you offer design services for my poster or flyer?

Yes. Please contact us for more information on design.

Do you offer printing?

Yes. We use a preferred vendor for all client printing needs. Please send your Account Lead your finalized design file the Friday before materials are due to ensure on-time delivery.

What if I'm trying to target a niche audience?

Due to our 15,000 businesses in our database, we are happy to arrange a Specialty Distribution for your project.

This allows our Brand Ambassadors to only deliver your materials to specific businesses. For example:

  • Dance Studios, Costume Shops, and Novelty Shops in Buckhead, Midtown, and West Midtown
  • Boutique Fitness Studios in Virginia Highlands, Inman Park, and Old Fourth Ward
  • Children’s Clothing Stores and Children’s Attractions in Vinings and Marietta